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Causes of Poverty

The causes of poverty, or factors that result in poverty, are as varied as the definition of poverty. Webster’s definition of poverty is “the condition of being poor” but globally speaking, poverty does not always involve money, but rather the lack of suitable living conditions. The causes of poverty in America are linked to several factors that hinge solely upon income.

In 2004, the threshold income level of $19,300 for a family of four is considered poverty. With the cost of living being what it is, some would argue that a family of four with an income of 1.5 times this amount would still be living in poverty. However, the causes of poverty, or factors that result in poverty are widely studied with the leading causes of poverty including poor education and family planning.

It is obvious why poor education is one of the leading causes of poverty. The skills required for higher paying jobs and an education beyond high school are at times out of reach for some, making it a circumstance rather than a cause. The causes of poverty are often cyclic and while education is a huge factor, family planning is another indicator of poverty.

Research indicates that children being born into poverty have less chance of receiving a higher education than their similar peers born into upper class income levels. Research also indicates that women who have children out of wedlock also make up a greater portion of society than women without children, or women who are married with children. There are many underlying reasons why this could be true, but the obvious reason is lack of dual incomes.

Regardless of the causes of poverty, it continues to be an area of study in both America and world wide with staggering statistics. While the indicators and causes of poverty are studied and results are published, there are no immediate solutions for poverty, even in the US.

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