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Causes of Nymphomaniacs

Many researchers have studied the causes of nymphomaniacs, what drives their libido, and whether it is a psychological disorder. The actual causes of nymphomaniacs’ seemingly contorted obsession with sex are not necessarily clinically defined. Typically, the causes of nymphomaniacs’ behavior and the actual term today are associated most often with pornography, as the actual clinical term is hypersexuality.

The term “nymphomaniac” comes from the Greek word “nymph” who were known as overtly sensual and sexual women in Greek folklore who actively pursued men for sex. Today, it is suspected that in reality, the causes of nymphomaniacs, or hypersexuality, are mostly linked to a lack of impulse control in the brain.

Hypersexuality is defined as sexual behavior at clinically significant levels, or above “normal” sexual frequency. However, because individual sex drive varies, it is a debated condition even from a clinical standpoint. Low libido is actually treated more frequently than an excessive sex drive. Some researchers believe that the causes of nymphomaniacs’ behavior are due to a fear in some women who do not experience sexual satisfaction. Some believe that they might somehow link the inability to be sexually satisfied to an abnormality in their body and seek ways to correct it through extremely frequent sexual encounters.

Some experts do believe that psychological and neurological conditions such as bipolar disorder and dementia or even trauma to the brain can cause hypersexuality. Neurological research is ongoing to determine if there is a correlation between the impulse control in the brain and a person’s sexual activity. Though most people believe sex drive is linked only to hormone levels, some believe the brain plays a large role in sexual behavior. The causes of nymphomaniacs’ behavior may never be completely known, but hypersexuality is a rare, but clinically accepted diagnosis for extreme sexual behavior.

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