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Causes of Homosexuality

There is a continued debate between certain religious and scientific groups over the causes of homosexuality. Some feel that there are causes of homosexuality and that these causes are what prompt people to choose to be homosexual. Others believe that sexual orientation is genetically predisposed and that there are no causes of homosexuality, but rather it is natural.

In the groups that believe the causes of homosexuality prompt choice, the opinions regarding the actual causes of homosexuality vary. Some believe that childhood abuse plays a determining factor while still others believe that sexual promiscuity play a role. Some extremists feel that sexual orientation derives from early childhood when gender role-play is allowed to be freely expressed. For example, if boys are permitted to play with dolls or girls are encouraged to play with trucks. This extreme theory has actually been disproved.

There are still others who believe that a rebellion against a higher power causes people to make the choice to become homosexual. Contrary to the belief that sexual orientation is a choice, scientists are studying the possibilities that genetics determines an individual’s preference. There is no scientific proof that shows that biology relates to sexual orientation, however there is proof that a small percentage of people are born with a body that does not develop in correlation to their chromosomal gender. However, this is not a biological cause of homosexuality.

What remains a fact is that regardless of what causes a person’s sexual preference, acting on a sexual preference is a choice. The debate between the two groups will continue, but is based more on a lifestyle and rights issue than a matter of cause or choice. The need for one group or the other to pinpoint the exact causes of homosexuality is partly driven by the rights and lifestyle debate. To actually have a biological cause would dispel the choice theory and could quickly change the way gay and lesbian rights are viewed.

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