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Causes of Drug Addiction

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There are many causes of drug addiction, but in all cases, it begins with the initial use. Obviously, the causes of drug addiction can be linked to many things, but without the initial use of a drug, there would be no addiction. In the case of prescription medications acting as the causes of drug addiction, a person may not be entirely to blame. However, the leading cause of prescription drug addiction is improper use of the medication.

Improper use of the medication and drugs, both over the counter and illegal, can often lead to drug addiction issues. Treatment programs such as suboxone treatment for heroin addiction might be required in these situations.

Sleep aids and anti-depressants are the leading addiction in prescription medications. These drugs carry warnings that they may be addictive. If a person attempts to self-dose without consulting a physician, addiction can occur very quickly. Taking more than a prescribed dose of a prescription drug or taking the drug more frequently are both causes of drug addiction of the pharmaceutical kind.

An entirely different epidemic stems from the causes of drug addiction to illegal drugs. Heroine, cocaine, and methamphetamine are all highly addictive, illegal drugs. The effects of these drugs on the body are catastrophic after long-term use. A small percentage of methamphetamine users are able to quit taking the drug without intervention, while the majority of users will be life-long addicts or require extensive rehabilatation to stop using.

Drug addiction is a vicious cycle and typically, very evident to people close to the user. Change in behavior, frequent mood swings, extreme weight loss, and other signs are almost always present. For some addicts, it becomes necessary to solicit new users for addiction in order to maintain their own by selling the drug.

If you suspect a loved one or friend is addicted to drugs, it is difficult to intervene but necessary if you hope to preserve their life. The Intenet has a wealth of research based information about alcohol and drugs, which can help you plan an intervention. Most addicts who do not receive help will eventually die from either overdose or a fatal medical condition that results from prolonged use. Only those who receive help have a chance to survive.

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