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What causes the things that go on in the world? Some causes are unknown and other causes are fact. Still other causes are suspect. A cause is a reason, an origin, a motive, a factor, and a cause can be tangible or not. With cause there is effect. Perhaps that is why some people are fascinated with the cause of things. Perhaps that is why, ironically, some people’s cause in life is to find the cause of something else.

Contained here are the causes, some probable, some possible, others factual, of a myriad of things. Some of the things you may already know – such as the cause of lung cancer. Other things you may not know and may not want to know – such as the causes of hair loss. No topic is all-inclusive, but it can be intriguing to the human nature to explore the causes of most anything.

Perhaps you’re researching a paper for school or perhaps your curiosity has gotten the better of you. No matter your cause – there is information on the causes of sixteen various situations, conditions, and circumstances. Why is this information here? The answer is just because.

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